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Product Number: C-1026



Biologically active form of Vitamin D3 in intestinal calcium transport and bone calcium reabsorption. Stimulates Osteoprotegerin.  Product is available, inquire with A.G. Scientific to confirm pacakge size, formulation, & current price.  Bulk also available.

Additional Information

COA Documentation:
Product Number C-1026
CAS # CAS [32222-06-3]
Chemical Name 1-α-25-dihydroxyvitamin D3
Chemical Formula C27H44O3
Appearance White Solid
Handling Store in Tightly Sealed Vial. Protect from Light. Protect from Moisture.
Molecular Weight M.W. 416.64
Purity Purity: >98.0%
Solubility Slightly Soluble in 100%. Ethanol
Storage Temp -20°C to -80C