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Fluorescent Probes
coelenterazine, fluorescent probes supplier AG Scientific
Image courtesy of Public Library of Science publication.  
Bioluminescent Imaging of Trypanosoma brucei Shows Preferential Testis Dissemination Which May Hamper Drug Efficacy in Sleeping Sickness from researchers at Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, Department of Parasitology, Antwerp, Belgium, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Deptartment of Biosystems, Leuven, Belgium, Karolinska Institute, Microbiology and Tumorbiology Center, Stockholm, Sweden, Laboratoire de Microbiologie Cellulaire et Moléculaire et Pathogénicité UMR/CNRS-5234, Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux II, Bordeaux, France. Peripheral blood lymphocytes treated with Coelenterazine was used to test for parasite toxicity using the WST-1 assay.

Fluorescent probes are a class of molecules used for cell exploration; they consist of a bioactive molecule and a flourophore. The bioactive molecule attaches to its receptor or protein and a specifically selected fluorophore absorbs a specific wavelength of energy, revealing complex structural components and regulatory mechanisms of cells. AG's most popular are:

  • Caspases are a type of cysteine protease closely linked to the process of apoptosis, we have over 40 different caspases.

  • Calmodulin (CaM) is a calcium-binding protein that can bind to and regulate a multitude of different protein targets. Cell permeable, very sensitive and specific chemiluminescence probe of the superoxide anion and peroxynitrite. Shows 20 times higher luminescence than coelenterazine short-term and long-term memory, nerve growth and the immune response.

AG Scientific delivers quality assured reagents directly to scientists, from small-scale to bulk orders. Our leadership in bulk supply allows us to provide custom product packaging and create multiple product forms. We offer “just in time” delivery, private labeling, and custom formulations for specific research needs.


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  • Product Number: W-1028

    Synthetic fluorescent bisintercalating anthracycline antibiotic with ultratight binding properties to DNA. Appears to overcome MRP-mediated

  • Product Number: T-2470

    A water-soluble dye used for the dye exclusion test for cell viability to distinguish between viable and nonviable cells by seeping into non

  • Product Number: P-1163

    Fluorogenic proteasome substrate. Also acts as a substrate for many other proteinases. Good for measuring the chymotrypsin-like peptidase ac

  • Product Number: P-1161

    Fluorogenic proteasome substrate. Good for measuring the peptidylglutamyl peptide-hydrolyzing activity of the 20S proteasome.

  • Product Number: P-1159

    Fluorogenic proteasome substrate. Good for measuring the peptidase activity of the 20S proteasome

  • Product Number: P-2407

    Propidium Iodide (PI) binds to double-stranded DNA, but it can only cross the plasma membrane of nonviable cells. When viewed using a fluore

  • Product Number: O-2373

    Orange G Dye runs faster than Bromophenol blue dye in standard agarose gel, which allows clear visualization of small DNA fragments on the g

  • Product Number: O-1123

    ONPG is used in colormetric and spectrometric assays for the detection of β-galactosidase activity which are of interest in clinical, envir

  • Product Number: M-1072

    Antibiotic which also serves as a DNA binding fluorescent dye. Inhibi

  • Product Number: J-1090

    JC-1 stains mitochondria in living cells in a membrane potential-dependent function. JC-1 has been used in a functional assay of multidrug r

  • Product Number: I-1086

    A ratiometric dye which as a Ca2+ chelator and indicator of intracellular and extracellular Ca2+. Useful in flow cytom

  • Product Number: H-1042

    Antiviral which also inhibits Protein Kinase C and to a lesser extent Casein Kinase II and MAP Kinase.

  • Product Number: H-1178

    A fluorogenic substrate for histone deacetylase (HDAC). Ex(max): 330nm; Em(max): 395nm.

  • Product Number: G-1219

    18 pouches per box, 57.3 g (0.6 mole) / pouch. A powerful protein denaturant that is widely used in purification of proteins, nucleic acids

  • Product Number: G-2344

    Effective inhibition of Glutathione S-transferase (GST) at the concentration of 2-20 µM.

  • Product Number: F-1046

    Pale yellow solid, A ratiometric dye with the same fluorescent properties and similar applications as FURA-2, but has a lower affinity fo

  • Product Number: F-1042

    Absorption Spectrum: λ max: 371 nm. Extincion: 33,000 M-1 cm-1. Emission Spectrum: λ max: 505 nm. Excitation: λ ma

  • Product Number: F-1040

    Cell permeable Fluorescent Ca2+ indicator. Hydrolysis by non-specific esterases traps the indicator in the cytosol.

  • Product Number: F-1044

    Cell-permeable acetoxymethyl ester derivative of FURA-2FF with spectral properties similar to Fura-2FF.   EX:  340/380 (high/low Ca2

  • Product Number: F-1054

    Pale yellow solid. Cell permeable acetoxymethyl ester (AM) derivative of FIP18 with spectral properties similar to the parent compound. A

  • Product Number: F-1052

    Cell-permeable, acetoxymethyl ester (AM) derivative of FFP-18 useful as a near-membrane calcium indicator. Excitation max.: 364 nm (low Ca

  • Product Number: D-1147

    Highly sensitive fluorescent probe for the real-time detection of nitric oxide (NO) in vivo. In the cell, the product reacts rapidl

  • Product Number: L-1207

    Use for reporter gene assays, ATP assays, whole animal studies, DNA sequencing and others.

  • Product Number: C-1289

    This coelenterazine derivative is membrane-permeant, nontoxic, and highly reactive toward ROS.  Methyl coelenterazine is a reported superi

  • Product Number: C-1291

    Kit consists of 25ug each of: coelenterazine, coelenterazine cp, coelenterazine f, coelenterazine fcp, coelent

  • Product Number: C-1287

    Coelenterazine n is reported to be a very useful low-sensitivity coelenterazine.  Synthetic derivative, has the weakest lumin

  • Product Number: C-1285

    Synthetic derivative of coelenterazine with luminescence intensity almost 50 times higher than native coelenterazine.  Response time to 

  • Product Number: C-1283

    Synthetic derivative of coelenterazine; exhibits luminescence intensity of its aequorin complex ~ 3% great than native coelenterazine. 

  • Product Number: C-1281

    Synthetic derivative of coelenterazine.  Highly sensitive and specific intracellular luminophore, exhibiting 190 times greater luminescen

  • Product Number: C-1279

    Synthetic derivative of coelenterazine.  Luminescence intensity of its aequorin complex is 135 times higher than native coelenterazine.

  • Product Number: C-1277

    Synthetic.  Sensitive and specific intracellular luminophore. Exhibits almost 20 times higher luminescence intensity than native coelen

  • Product Number: C-1275

    A synthetic derivative of coelenterazine. Generates 15 times great luminescence, and has a faster response time to calcium, than native co

  • Product Number: C-1212

    Cell permeable, very sensitive and specific chemiluminescence probe of the superoxide anion and peroxynitrite. When oxidized by oxygen it il

  • Product Number: C-1045

    Antipsychotic with greater affinity for D4 dopamine receptor versus D2 or D3 dopamine receptors.

  • Product Number: C-2376

    Ciprofloxican is a fluoroquinolone antibacterial

  • Product Number: C-1023

    Antibiotic produced by Streptomyces grieus that inhibits RNA synthesi

  • Product Number: C-1179

    Fluorogenic substrate for caspase-9. AMC has an excitation maximum of

  • Product Number: C-1155

    Fluorogenic substrate for caspase-4 Fluorogenic; EX: 380nm, Em max. 4

  • Product Number: C-1113

    Fluorogenic substrate for caspase-2. (Fluorogenic; Ex: 380nm, Em: 460

  • Product Number: C-1009

    Fluorogenic substrate for caspase-1,  Km-14uM. Peptide content:75-95%

  • Product Number: C-1065

    Fluorogenic substrate for caspase-1. AFC has an excitation maximum of 400nm and an emission maximum of 505nm. This product is similar to Ac-

  • Product Number: C-1127

    Fluorogenic substrate for caspase-3, with Km=9.7μM.  C1127 is similar to Ac-DEVD-AMC (# C-1133) but the AFC fluorophore has a

  • Product Number: C-1429

    Wheat germ (Triticum aestivum) calmodulin (CaM) sequence is unique in that it contains cysteine at residue position 26 (Cys26). Wheat germ c

  • Product Number: C-1421

    Wheat germ (Triticum aestivum) calmodulin (CaM) sequence is unique in

  • Product Number: C-1441

    Calmodulins immobilized via SH (wheat germ) and amino groups (porcine

  • Product Number: C-1427

    Wheat germ (Triticum aestivum) calmodulin (CaM) sequence is unique in that it contains cysteine at residue position 26 (Cys26). In contrast

  • Product Number: C-1425

    Wheat germ (Triticum aestivum) calmodulin (CaM) sequence is unique in that it contains cysteine at residue position 26 (Cys26). In contrast

  • Product Number: C-1423

    Wheat germ (Triticum aestivum) calmodulin (CaM) sequence is unique in that it contains cysteine at residue position 26 (Cys26). In contrast

  • Product Number: C-1438

    Mammalian calmodulin isolated from porcine brain is suitable for applications requiring active pure calmodulin. SH GROUP/Protein Ratio: Calm

  • Product Number: C-1437

    Mammalian calmodulin labeled with NHS ester of rhodamine is a ubiquitous, calcium-binding protein that binds and regulates a multitude of pr