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Tissue Culture

AG Scientific: A leader in tissue cultures

Tissue culture is the growth of tissues and/or cells separate from the organism. AG Scientific offers a wide variety of standard media and culture products, as well as the ability to provide custom culture products or media quickly upon request.

  • Hygromycin B is a standard antibiotic that selects for exclusively hygromycin resistant cells. 
  • Puromycin is an antibiotic that inhibits translation via premature chain termination; it is toxic to both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. 
  • Blasticidin kills both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells by inhibiting peptide bond formation. Resistance to blasticidin occurs with expression of one of three genes: bsr, bls, or BDS. 
  • G418 inhibits polypeptide synthesis in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells and is structurally related to gentamycin.


AG Scientific delivers quality assured reagents directly to scientists, from small-scale to bulk orders. Our leadership in bulk supply allows us to provide custom product packaging and create multiple product forms. We offer “just in time” delivery, private labeling, and custom formulations for specific research needs.

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  • Product Number: V-1070

    The macrolide antibiotic Venturicidin B, isolated from a Streptomyces sp., is a potent inhibitor of mitochondrial ATP synthase complex actin

  • Product Number: V-1065

    Glycopeptide antibiotic that inhibits gm-positive microorganisms. Interferes with cell wall synthesis. Often used with cefotaxime or carbeni

  • Product Number: V-1013

    Valinomycin is an antibiotic which acts as a potassium (K+) ionophore. Induces K+ conductivity in cell membranes. Also active in vitro against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, and as an apoptosis inducer.

  • Product Number: T-1016

    Antibiotic useful in glycoprotein research. Inhibitor of N-linked glycosylation and the formation of N-glycosidic protein-carbohydrate linka

  • Product Number: T-1206

    An aminoglycoside antibiotic, Tobramycin Sulfate Salt binds to 70S ribosomal subunit, inhibits translocation. Gram negative bacteria, report

  • Product Number: T-2461

    A glycylglycine type of antibiotic derived from tetracycline. Inhibits protein translation in bacteria by binding to the 30S ribosomal subun

  • Product Number: T-1226

    Thiolutin is a sulfur-containing antibiotic, which is a potent inhibitor of bacterial and yeast RNA polymerases. It was found to inhibit in

  • Product Number: T-1240

    Tetracycline is a broad spectrum protein synthesis inhibiting antibiotic.

  • Product Number: T-2452

    Teicoplanin is a lipoglycopeptide antibiotic extracted from Actinoplanes teichomiceticus. Acts against Gram-postive bacteria includ

  • Product Number: T-1180

    Ordoless disulfide reducing agent. More stable, resistant to air oxidation and effective than DTT. pH range is 1.5 to 8.5

  • Product Number: R-2000

    ** Inquire for lead time & current price for 2012 **

  • Product Number: R-1018

    Rapamycin is a triene macrolide antibiotic which demonstrates

  • Product Number: P-1033


  • Product Number: P-1639

    Pseudomonic acid is a potent antibiotic produced by Pseudomonas fluorescens reported by Fuller et al. in 1971. Pseudomonic ac

  • Product Number: P-1494

    Antibacterial antibiotic that acts as inhibitor of protein kinase C (PKC).  Bulk available, inquire for quantity discounts & lead time.

  • Product Number: P-1641

    Pleuromutilin is a diterpene produced by several species of basidomycetes, notably the genus Pleurotus, discovered in 1951

  • Product Number: P-1474

    Piericidin A is the major analogue of a family of pyridyl antibiotics isolated from selected Streptomyces sp. It is a specific, potent inhib

  • Product Number: P-1683

    Pencillin-Streptomycin is an antibacterial sterile-filtered solution used against both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria in cell c

  • Product Number: P-1681

    Penicillin G Potassium is a naturally occurring beta lactam antibiotic produced by the Penicillium fungus. It interferes with bacterial cell

  • Product Number: P-1179

    Antibiotic, Mycotoxin that induces DNA single-strand breaks. Anti-HIV Activity.

  • Product Number: P-1381

    Antibiotic isolated from Lentinus critinus. Inhibitor of NF-kB activation by preventing the phosphorylation of IkB protein and thereby inter

  • Product Number: P-1685

    Specific, compeptitive transition state substrate analog inhibitor of dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP-IV, DPIV, CD26, CD-26). Useful in diabete

  • Product Number: O-1066

    A component of the oligomycin complex (O-1060). Macrolide antibiotic that inhibits membrane bound mitochondrial ATPase (F1F0

  • Product Number: O-1064

    A component of the oligomycin complex (O-1060). Macrolide antibiotic that inhibits membrane bound mitochondrial ATPase (F1F0

  • Product Number: O-1060

    Antibiotic that inhibits membrane bound mitochondrial ATPase

  • Product Number: N-1221

    Cell permeable necrosis inhibitor with antioxidant activity. It localizes mostly in mitochondra. Selectively blocks oxidative stress-induced

  • Product Number: D-1304

    Non-ionic detergent, similar to Octyl-β-D-glucopyranoside, Product # O-1036, with increased alkyl chain length.Useful in membrane-protein

  • Product Number: M-1219

    Biological buffer with a pKa of 6.15 (20°C). Useful in plant tissue culture.

  • Product Number: L-1011

    Potent, selective inhibitor of Protein Kinase C β isozymes, PKC.

  • Product Number: K-1022

    Aminoglycosidic antibiotic which inhibits growth of gm-positive, gm-negative bacteria and mycoplasmas in cell culture. Mode of Action:Binds

  • Product Number: H-1012-SOLID

    hygromycin B is used for the selection and maintenance of pro- and eukaryotic cells transfected with the E. coli hygromycin resistance gene.

  • Product Number: H-1012-PBS

    hygromycin B is used for the selection and maintenance o

  • Product Number: H-1012-MU

    Hygromycin is an aminoglycosidic antibiotic. Hygromycin B  is used for the selection and maintenance of pro- and eukaryotic cells transfect

  • Product Number: H-1012-DI

    Most popular form of Hygromycin B, the aminoglyc

  • Product Number: G-1215

    Naturally ocurring ion channel-forming pentadecapeptide antibiotic. Makes membranes permeable to protons and alkali metal ions, causes red b

  • Product Number: G-1067

    Broad spectrum, cell culture antibiotic that is non toxic to viruses

  • Product Number: G-1068-50

    Sterile-filtered, Broad spectrum, cell culture antibiotic that is non toxic to viruses and mammalian cells at antibacterial levels. It is us

  • Product Number: G-1068-10

    Sterile-Filtered, Broad spectrum, cell culture antibiotic that is non toxic to viruses and mammalian cells at antibacterial levels. It is us

  • Product Number: G-1047

    Geldanamycin is a benzoquinone ansamycin antibiotic which binds to Hs

  • Product Number: G-1035

    G-418 Aminoglycoside used as a selective agent of transfected mammalian, yeast, plant and bacteria cells. G418 Resistance is conferred by th

  • Product Number: G-1033

    Cell culture tested.  G418 Aminoglycoside used as a selectiv

  • Product Number: F-1038

    Anti-tumor antibiotic. Catalytic inhibitor of topoisomerase II. Stron

  • Product Number: E-2306

    Cell-permeable. An anthracycline antitumor antibiotic. A stereoisomer of doxorubicin (Cat. No. 1527-5) that exhibits reduced cardiotoxicity.

  • Product Number: D-1306

    Dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor. Inhibits rat, canine, human and monkey enzymes with IC50 values of 3, 5, 8, and 8 nM respectiv

  • Product Number: C-2276

    A very active antibiotic against many yeasts and fungi. Inhibits protein synthesis in eukaryotes (but not in prokaryotes) by interfering wit

  • Product Number: C-1465

    is an antibiotic effective against most gram-negative bacilli. Colistin is a key microbiological component in Colistin Oxolinic Acid Blood A

  • Product Number: C-1019

    CHAPS is a zwitterionic detergent that combines the features of bile salts and N-alkyl sulfobetaines. Can be easily removed from gel

  • Product Number: X-1016

    Bluo-Gal is an alternative histochemical substrate for β-galactosidase that produces a darker blue color than X-gal, a more frequently used

  • Product Number: R-1118

    A quinone antibiotic that inhibits HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (RT). Cytostatically active against different tumor cell lines. Inhibits Huma

  • Product Number: A-1022

    An anti-neoplastic antibiotic that inhibits cell proliferation by for