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AG Core Reagents consist of the most important and highly used products for any lab or biochemical company. Take advantage of our 30+ year old sourcing network, full of the highest level manufacturers and suppliers in the world.

Our Core Reagents are highly price competitive and guaranteed in-stock with prompt delivery.

•  A better retail/wholesale consortium! The established leaders are being challenged.

Is your SBIR grants, funding or laboratory budgets under fiscal assault?  Are you bombarded with automated responses, impersonal emails, inflated retail prices and wholesale quote requests that take days to weeks?

•  We rival all the ‘big box companies.’

Tradition states that large one stop shopping is the answer. I refute this notion. As the ‘big box companies’ merge and become bloated, you are left with fewer choices, higher prices, impersonal customer service and ultimately partners that are less responsive to your requirements.

•  We are the future.

We strive to be the next generation of retail/wholesale consortium. We employ our 30+ years of sourcing expertise to constantly build the very best consortium of certified/audited companies in each field, including but not limited to the following: Antibiotics, Buffers, Detergents, Nucleic Acid Purification, Cell Culture, Microbial Media, Substrates, Enzyme Inhibitors, Stem Cell Biology, Cancer, Angiogenesis, Epigenetics, Inflammation, Neurobiology…

•  We focus on customer-centric cost-savings.

Our Core Reagent Consortium is free of costly traditional distribution channels, profit bleeding bid processes, and pricing independence. We wholeheartedly believe YOU DESERVE the cost saving not a multinational conglomerate.

•  We build relationships with our customers.

AG Scientific’s team is straight forward, consisting of forthright people. We do not hide behind ‘the email curtain’. We will build a professional rapport, so you know who you are dealing with and who will be responsive to all your specific requirements.

•  We give you one-on-one attention.

We take great pride returning to a true level of customer responsiveness that sets us apart in this marketplace. We value returning to a more person-to-person interaction; pick up the phone, video conference, visit the client. 

  • Our prices are much more affordable than other vendors.
  • *See below preview for some Core Reagent prices against our competitors. As you can see, our prices are much more affordable. With lower overhead, we can pass on savings to you!
    (Product specs could be varied by Lot #).

    Please contact us for details!
Product SpecificationPrice ComparisonIn Stock
AG Product # Product Name CAS# Purity Saving Amt Percent Savings Bulk/OEM/Custom/Available
A-1018 AEBSF HCL 30827-99-7 ≥97%(HPLC) $65.90 52.93% 50 mg/ 250 mg/ 1 g
A-1020 A23187 52665-69-7 >99%(TLC) $11 8.38% 5 mg/ 10 mg/ 50 mg
A-1022 Actinomycin D 50-76-0 99%(HPLC) $51 29.60% 5 mg/ 10mg/ 25 mg/ 100 mg
A-1049 Anisomycin 22862-76-6 98%(HPLC) $231 56.79% 10 mg/ 50 mg/ 100 mg/ 500 mg
A-1128 A23187, Mixed Ca-mg Salt   98%(TLC) $34 21.70% 10 mg
A-1256 17-AAG 75747-14-7 >99%(HPLC) $157 80.31% 500 μg / 1 mg/ 5 mg
A-1298 17-DMAG 467214-20-6 >98%(TLC) $223 81.24% 1 mg/ 5 mg
A-2370 2-APB 524-95-8 97% $2.24 3.80% 50 mg
B-1247 Blasticidin S HCl 3513-03-9 ≥98.0% $206 52.69% 50 mg/ 250 mg
C-1027 Cytochalasin B 14930-96-2 >98%(HPLC) $260 35.96% 100 mg
C-1029 Dithiothreitol 3483-12-3 ≥99.0%(TLC) $25 22.79% 10 mg/ 100 mg
C-1033 CAPS 1135-40-6 ≥99% $31.30 48.65% 1 mg
C-1070 Cytochalasin D 22144-77-0 >98%(TLC) $13.50 11.54% 25 mg/ 100 mg
C-1111 Cytochalasin A 14110-64-6 99%(HPLC) $81.90 70.60% 5 mg / 25 mg
C-1164 Colchicine 64-86-8 ≥99% $15.80 17.72% 10 g/ 100 g/ 1 kg
C-1189 Cycloheximide 66-81-9 ≥95%(TLC) $74 45.41% 5 mg/ 10 mg
C-1197 Cytochalasin E 36011-19-5 >99%(TLC) $973 74.02% 5 g / 10 g/ 100 g/ 1 kg
C-1199 Cyclosporine A 59865-13-3 >98%(TLC) $250.24 81.51% 100 g/ 500 g