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FAQs for AG Scientific Materials?

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1. Can I get a discount if I order in large quantities?

AG Scientific does provide quantity discounts. Bulk price discounts start at 5 times the largest catalog size. (Example 1: The catalog size is 100 grams. Bulk discounts would start at anything greater than 5 X 100 gram or 500 grams). AG Scientific also provides discounts for standing orders or draw orders. Example 2: The catalog size is 100 grams. Your lab uses 100 grams each month. You place a standing or draw order for 12 x 100 gram, you receive a bulk discount and we ship only 1 x 100 gram each month).


2. Can I cancel an order after it has been submitted?

Yes. All you need to do is send us an email as soon as possible. (We cannot cancel an order once it has entered the shipping process.) Be sure to include your name, email address, order confirmation number, if available, and the product you want to cancel. If the shipping process is already complete, refer to our return policy for additional information. Restocking charges may apply.


3. Can I have a Quote or Pro Forma prepared?

To obtain a Proforma Invoice fax, call, or email your request directly to our international sales office at, phone (+) 858-452-9925 or fax (+) 858-452-9926. Please include your complete billing & shipping address, contact name, phone number, fax number, and email address. Provide product #, product name & quantity. The proforma will be forwarded to you, usually within 24 hours.


4. Can I place an order from anywhere in the world?

AG Scientific, Inc. ships material to nearly all countries around the world either direct or via our distributors. (Distributors would link to distributors page). To order contact AG Scientific or our distributors direct via phone, fax or email. Or order via our website, it’s fast and simple.


5. Do I have to register to place an order?

Yes. Registration is required for web placed orders, it can also be benefit to you by establishing you company profile and order history. On subsequent visits to our site you will not be required to re-enter this information. Just click on the Sign-In button and enter your User Name and Password.

6. How do I register with AG Scientific, Inc.?

Registration is fast and easy. Simply fill out the on-line registration form. Once you've registered and logged-in you may place orders online. Please Note: in order for AG Scientific to complete your order, we need all the information on the registration form completed.


7. How much will I be billed for shipping?

AG Scientific, Inc. ships all products with a storage condition of +4°C, -20°C or -80°C in an insulated foam cooler on blue ice (dry ice for -80°) via overnight courier within the U.S. The current rate for our standard overnight 8x6x6 package (non dry ice), delivered within the continental US, is $37.00. Larger package sizes, dry ice, or international deliveries are billed at the discounted rate from our carrier based on size, weight, and destination. Estimates are available upon request. To ship on your account, mark the order “SHIP COLLECT” and include your FEDEX, DHL, or UPS account #. Shipment terms are FOB San Diego CA, unless otherwise stated. Customs, duties, and tax charges are the responsibility of the customer. Freight costs outlined are subject to change without notice.


8. I couldn't find an item on your web site that I know it is carried by AG Scientific, Inc., can I still order it?

Most likely Yes. Almost all AG Scientific, Inc. catalog items can be ordered on-line. There may be a slight lag time with new product additions being updated onto the E-commerce web site. Just enter the product number, package size and quantity in the comment field of the order form and we'll automatically add it to your order. Bulk quantities are a custom request and their price & availability must be confirmed prior to ordering.


9. I do not have an account with AG Scientific, Inc.; Can I still place an on-line order?

Yes. If you do not currently have an account with AG Scientific, Inc., simply enter "New Account" in the Comments field of the order form. Our Customer Service Department will verify your shipping and billing information. Within 24 hours, AG Scientific, Inc. will contact you regarding your intended use of our products. A New Account Application form will be faxed or emailed, to you. Upon receipt of the completed form, your account will become active and your order will be shipped.


10. I forgot my password. What do I do?

Send an email to indicating your username (email address used at time of registration), if available or your full name, address and company or institute. Please ask to have your password reset. We will then contact you with the requested information. You may also call AG Scientific direct to place your order, (858-452-9925 or fax to 858-452-9926).


11. Is there anything I can't order On-Line?

There are some products included on our web site that cannot currently be ordered online. These include custom manufactured products and larger bulk quantities. These items require special pricing and delivery terms. Please contact us at, phone: 858 452-9925 or via fax: 858-452-9925 for immediate attention to these requests. 

Sales Tax

Orders shipped to a California address will be subject to appropriate California sales tax. If you are a Tax Exempt organization, then you must provide AG Scientific, Inc. a copy of your Tax Exempt Certificate. You may fax AG Scientific at 858-452-9926 or mail to 6450 Lusk Blvd Suite E102, San Diego, CA 92121


12. What confirmation will I get?

You automatically receive an email confirmation outlining the details of the order as placed. Our order department will follow up with confirmation of the order number, product lead time if not available from stock, and/or airway bill# upon completion of packaging for shipment. Sometimes we need to contact in order to complete the order, most often this is done via email. If you have not received confirmation of the ship date within 24 hrs contact AG Scientific at


13. What if I have a question about my order?

Please contact us at any time if you have questions or concerns about your order. You can email us at Additionally, you call us toll free in the US & Canada at 1-877-452-9925 or worldwide at (+) 858-452-9925. You can also reach us via fax at (+) 858-452-9926. AG Scientific's customer service representatives will be happy to assist you.


14. What payment methods are available to me?

You can utilize one of these methods of payment when ordering: Credit Cards (MasterCard , Visa, or American Express); Purchase Orders; Advanced Payment Check or Money Order. Purchase orders may be used on-line by existing customers with established credit limit. For first time customers, a New Customer form will need to be completed and credit check completed before your order will be processed using a purchase order.


15. Use of our Product

All products sold by AG Scientific are for Laboratory or Manufacturing purposes only. They are not intended for Human Drug, Food Additive, Clinical or Household use. Professional laboratory staff should only handle these chemicals. Confirmation of your university, institute or corporation may be required to process shipment.

16. How do I return product?

If you are not satisfied with our product please contact us at or via phone at 858 452 9925 within 30 days for replacement or refund. A Material Return Authorization Number must be assigned before returning any product. Any annihilation requires our permission. We will send you a replacement or issue a full refund. You will not be charged any additional shipping and handling fees for replacement shipments. For improper handling and storage we cannot be held responsible. For full review of policy refer to the “Terms & Conditions” section below. Please send returns to: AG Scientific, Inc. 6450 Lusk Blvd Suite E102 San Diego, CA 92121 Attention: Online Returns


17. Terms & Conditions of Sale

  • Prices:

Product prices are correct at the date of printing but are subject to change without notice.

  • Insurance:

All products are insured against loss.

  • Application:

All products sold by AG Scientific are for Laboratory or Manufacturing purposes only. They are not intended for Human Drug, Food Additive, Clinical or Household use. Professional laboratory staff should only handle these chemicals. Some of the products are toxic or hazardous. These products are intended for use by qualified professionals who are familiar with their potential hazards and are thoroughly trained in good laboratory procedures. Information pertaining to the potential hazards of our chemicals is provided on our Material Safety Data Sheets, which will be supplied on request. The absence of a warning must not be interpreted as an indicator of safety. We must strongly emphasize that the information is not available on the possible hazards of many compounds.

  • Warranties:

AG Scientific (the Seller) warrants, to the original purchaser only, that the products listed in the catalog conform to the composition and purity described therein at the time of their shipment. Purchaser's sole remedy for failure to meet this warranty shall be replacement of the unused portion of the product, or at the Seller's option, refund of the purchase price provided that the purchaser returns the alleged nonconforming product within 30 days of the receipt of the product. Returns will not be accepted unless written authorization has been obtained from AG Scientific. All returns are subject to a 25 % restocking charge. The Seller makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose or of merchantability. In no case shall the Seller assume any responsibility for the use or handling of the product or any liability for consequential, special, indirect or incidental damages resulting there from.

  • Shipping:

Shipments within the US are via standard next day service, shipments outside the US are via courier, international priority status.

  • Quality:

A lot specific certificate of analysis may be provided, upon request, with each product ordered. If you are not satisfied with our product please contact us for replacement. Products may not be returned without our approval. Any annihilation requires our permission. For improper handling and storage we cannot be held responsible.