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Monensin, Sodium Salt.

Product Number: M-1211



Functions as Na+ ionophore by forming stable complexes with monovalent cations able to cross the plasma membrane. Blocks glycoprotein secretion; inhibits HDL to decrease cellular cholesterol esterification.   Product has minimum purity of 90%, inquire if higher purity required.

Additional Information

COA Documentation:
Preparation As supplied, +4°C for solutions.
Product Number M-1211
CAS # CAS [22373-78-0]
Chemical Formula C36H61O11.Na
Appearance White Solid
Molecular Weight M.W. 692.9
Purity Purity: >90
Solubility Soluble in 100% ethanol (25mg/ml), methanol (50mg/ml), chloroform or DMSO (25mg/ml). Product is slightly soluble in water.
Storage Temp -20°C

Monensin, Sodium Salt.