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An inducer activates transcription for specific genes by disabling a repressor protein that normally prevents RNA synthesis by statically binding to DNA. When an inducer binds to a repressor protein, the repressor is removed and RNA synthesis can commence, resulting in eventual translation and gene expression.


AG Scientific delivers over 30 molecules involved in activating transcription.  We can ship FedEx directly to your lab, from small-scale to bulk orders. Our leadership in bulk supply allows us to provide custom product packaging and create multiple product forms. We offer “just in time” delivery, private labeling, and custom formulations for specific research needs.

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  • Product Number: W-1026

    WY-14,643 is a widely used activator of peroxisome proliferator activator receptors (PPARs). WY-14,643 (PPAR activator) belong to the family

  • Product Number: V-1055


  • Product Number: T-1030

    Immunosuppressant with anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor proper

  • Product Number: T-1034

    Extracelluar domain of human TNF-R2 (aa1-257) is fused to the Fc portion of human IgG1. The recombinant fusion protein is produced in HEK 29

  • Product Number: T-1032

    Extracellular domain of human TNF-R1 (aa 1-211) is fused to the Fc portion of human IgG1. The recombinant fusion protein is produced in HEK

  • Product Number: S-2431

    Cell-permeable. A sulfonylhydrazone (Shz) small molecule that acts as an enhancer of myocardial regenerative repair by stem cells. Potently

  • Product Number: T-1250

    Human TWEAK is a new secreted ligand in the tumor necrosis factor family that weakly induces apoptosis.  TWEAK, like many ohter members of

  • Product Number: P-1633

    A cell-permeable purine compound that induces osteoblast differentiation in C3H10T1/2 multipotent mesenchymal progenitor cells (EC₅₀ = 1

  • Product Number: P-1083

    Ponasterone A is an Insect steroid hormone involved in regulating metamorphosis. Ponasterone A is a suitable inducer of ecdysone-ind

  • Product Number: P-1237

    A tyrosine kinase inhibitor. Also inhibits Epidermal Growth Factor.

  • Product Number: O-1020

    A sleep inducing brain lipid. Also a novel modulator of 5-Hydroxytrypamine receptors.Bulk also available, inquire for pricing.

  • Product Number: O-1125

    CpG oligodeoxynucleotide (Type C) with phosphorothioate backbone. Specific ligand for TLR9 (Toll-like receptor 9). For inactive control comp

  • Product Number: N-1219

    A STAT3 signaling pathway inhibitor. Niclosamide potently inhibits the activation and transcriptional function of STAT3 and induces cell gro

  • Product Number: M-1235

    Potent immunosuppressant; reported to be 10 to 100-fold more potent than cyclosporin (C1199).  Fungal antibiotic.  Apoptosis inducer, dep

  • Product Number: H-1050

    A benzoquinoid ansamycin antibiotic that acts as a cell permeable inhibitor of tyrosine kinase and inducer of Heat Shock Proteins. Hsp90 inh

  • Product Number: H-1300

    Potent anti-inflammatory and anti-neoplastic agent. Induces a CD95 death receptor-independent apoptosis even when the mitochondria protectin

  • Product Number: G-2348

    A selective agonist for PPARδ (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptorδ) (EC50 = 1. 1 nM), displaying 1000-fold selectivity

  • Product Number: G-1013

    A potent inducer of apoptosis in numerous tumor cell lines. Also utilized for protein isoprenylation.Available,  inquire for cu

  • Product Number: F-1166

    Cell permeable, fluorogenic, delocalized lipophilic mitochondrial toxin. Induces apoptosis, as well as, necrosis in tumor cells.

  • Product Number: E-2322

    Cell-permeable. A 10 mM (1 mg in 321 µl) solution of Thiazovivin (Cat. No. 1681-1) in anhydrous DMSO.

  • Product Number: E-1063

    Insect steroid hormone involved in regulating metamorphosis.

  • Product Number: C-1662

    A plant lectin that is a T cell mitogen. Induces apoptosis in human fibroblasts. Induces autophagy.

  • Product Number: A-1304

    Induces phosphorylation of Tie-2 in primary cultured human and mouse vascular endothelial cells. More potent than native Ang-1. The fibrinog

  • Product Number: B-1315

    A structurally unique marine natural product that binds to and activates PKC at picomolar concentrations, but is not a carcinogen or a compl

  • Product Number: A-1049

    Anisomycin is a pyrrolidine antibiotic, that acts as an anti-fungal

  • Product Number: B-2173

    A cell-permeable cAMP analog that is more resistant to hydrolysis by phosphodiesterases than cAMP. Activates protein kinase A, inhibits grow