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Dithiothreitol aka Cleland’s Reagent

DTT water splash

  Dithiothreitol or DTT is also known as Cleland’s Reagent. It contains two thiol groups and is commonly used to reduce disulfide bond in proteins. It can protect many thiol-containing biomolecules such as coenzyme A (Co-A), GSH (glutathione) from forming disulfide bonds. Not only does DTT scavenge the hydroxyl radical that attacks DNA and proteins, … Continue reading Dithiothreitol aka Cleland’s Reagent

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Neomycin Applications


Neomycins are a family of broad-spectrum highly toxic antibiotics produced by Streptomyces fradiae. Neomycin usually exists as a complex composed of two stereoisomers, neomycin B and neomycin C, which are the two active components. A third component, neomycin A, which is a degradation product, is present in small quantities. Neomycin C was isolated by DUTCHER et al. Neomycin C is … Continue reading Neomycin Applications

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Nonactin based biosensors to measure ammonia


Ammonia (NH3) is a poisonous and pungent-smelling colorless gas that makes the eyes water. Ammonia is readily soluble in water. The aqueous solution has an alkaline reaction and is known as ammonia water or tincture of ammonia. In conjunction with acid, ammonia forms salts that disassociate in water, to form ammonium ions (NH4 +) and … Continue reading Nonactin based biosensors to measure ammonia

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β-lactamase Hybrid Proteins/ BHPs 

Beta Lactamase

Beta-lactam antibiotics are used to treat a broad spectrum of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.  Beta-lactam antibiotics target the penicillin-binding proteins or PBPs – a group of enzymes found attached in the cell membrane, which are involved in the cross-linking of the bacterial cell wall. The beta-lactam ring portion of this group of antibiotics binds to these different PBPs, rendering them unable … Continue reading β-lactamase Hybrid Proteins/ BHPs 

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