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Product Citations
  1. M-1157
    MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, PATHOBIOLOGY, AND GENETICS:\n Src-Induced Cisplatin Resistance Mediated by Cell-to-Cell Communication\n Elizabeth Peterson-Roth, Cathleen M. Brdlik, and Peter M. Glazer\n Cancer Res., Apr 2009; 69: 3619 - 3624.
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  2. P-1517
    Successful Protection against Tularemia in C57BL/6 Mice Is Correlated with Expansion of Francisella tularensis-Specific Effector T Cells \nAmanda J. Griffin, Deborah D. Crane, Tara D. Wehrly, and Catharine M. Bosio Clin. Vaccine Immunol., Jan 2015; 22: 119 - 128.
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  3. H-1012-SOLID
    The superoxide dismutases of Candida glabrata protect against oxidative damage and are required for lysine biosynthesis, DNA integrity and chronological life survival.Castano1, Alejandro De Las Penas1
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  4. H-1012-PBS
    METHODS ONLINE:\n Efficient recombinase-mediated cassette exchange at the AAVS1 locus in human embryonic stem cells using baculoviral vectors\n Chrishan J. A. Ramachandra, Mohammad Shahbazi, Timothy W. X. Kwang, Yukti Choudhury, Xiao Ying Bak, Jing Yang, and Shu Wang\n Nucleic Acids Res., Sep 2011; 39: e107.
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  5. P-1033
    ORIGINAL MANUSCRIPT:\n Exosome-derived miRNAs and ovarian carcinoma progression\n Olga Vaksman, Claes Trope, Ben Davidson, and Reuven Reich\n Carcinogenesis, Sep 2014; 35: 2113 - 2120.
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  6. G-1035
    Roles of unphosphorylated ISGF3 in HCV infection and interferon responsiveness\nPil Soo Sung, HyeonJoo Cheon, Chung Hwan Cho, Seon-Hui Hong, Do Youn Park, \nHyung-Il Seo, Su-Hyung Park, Seung Kew Yoon, George R. Stark, and Eui-Cheol Shin\nPNAS, Aug 2015; 112: 10443 - 10448.
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  7. G-1033
    Chemokine axes in breast cancer: factors of the tumor microenvironment reshape the CCR7-driven metastatic spread of luminal-A breast tumors
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