Custom Reagents

Custom Reagents generally means the product you specifically require is not listed on our website. Sometimes it may just be a test specification not published online that can readily be incorporated & tested for your organization.

Alternatively it may require complex, contract synthesis procedures using expertise in synthetic organic chemistry, chiral synthesis, small molecule synthesis, metabolite synthesis, process design, and process optimization.

Lastly, radioactive isotope labeling and stable isotope labeling including 14Carbon Labeling Service, 125Iodine-125 Labeling Service, 33Phosphorus, 35Sulfur Labeling Service, and 3H Labeling Services are available. If you require synthesizing radiolabeled DNA and RNA oligonucleotides 35S and 3H labeling of both phosphodiester and phosphorothioate oligonucleotides are offered, as well as, additional modifications. (Locally outsourced & audited in QSR 21 CFR 820 compliant facility)

  Custom Packaging RequirementAG Scientific Skill Set
   Custom Specification/sSkilled chemists have the ability to formulate & test products to meet our customers’ custom specification requirements.
   Product ModificationBuffer, Concentration, Co-solvent Addition/Removal, Unit, Size, Packing Material, Lyophilization, Chemical Modification including radio-labeling.
   Sterile filtered liquidsSingle and multi-head liquid filling lines for packaging from 1 ml to 80 Liters gallons capability
   Aseptic Solids weighingSolids filling of bottles from 1 mg up to 500 kilogram.
   Toxic Solid & SolutionsOur packaging lines are capable of packaging Class 6, Division I Toxic, in solid from 1 mg to multi-kilogram and solutions 1 ml to 80 liters.
   Private Packaging & LabelingCustom design boxes, pouches, and labels. Private corporate Labeling, Stretch wrapping, Palletizing services.
   Rework and or RepackagingPackaging rework and repackaging. Traditionally into your corporate branding
   Custom LyophilizationSmall to large scale freeze- drying available in crimped septum vials
   Custom FormulatingIt is a process in which customers provide us with a formula, required necessary raw materials and packaging to produce a chemical, package and prepare shipments for a predetermined fee.
   Ensure regulatory complianceISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing facility since 2005, follows G.M.P. standards (Good Manufacturing Practices), Performs Quality Assurance processes including in process retention sampling.
   Quality AssuranceDocument Control (Limited Access, Approval & Revision Control), Nonconformance Reporting, CAPA System (Corrective Actions/Preventive Actions), Equipment Maintenance (Notification of PM/Calibration, Logs, Manuals), Training Management System, Internal/External Auditing Functions, Supplier Quality
   Shrink Inventory adminStanding orders, Draw orders, Lot retention, International inventory warehousing
   Expand Delivery optionsWe offer Standing orders, Draw orders, drop shipments, and/or blind shipments.
   Lower Shipping expensesImport & Export Transportation services, Hazardous shipping expertise
   Enhance Payable termsExperience with JIT (Just-in-Time) orders, PAC (Pay at Consumption) orders
   Cut Production costsExpert raw material sourcing, Concentrated & Streamlined Production processing, optimized packaging practices



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