Geldanamycin | CAS 30562-34-6 | Binds HSP90 | Anti-Tumor Activity

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  • CAS: 30562-34-6
  • Formula: C29H40N2O9
  • MW: 560.6 Da
  • Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder
  • Purity: 98.4%

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Geldanamycin is a benzoquinone ansamycin antibiotic which binds to Hsp90 (Heat Shock Protein 90) and alters it function. HSP90 client proteins play important roles in the regulation of the cell cycle, cell growth, cell survival, apoptosis, and oncogenesis.Cdc28 provides a molecular link between Hsp90, morphogenesis, and cell cycle progression inCandida albicans.Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors with Tyrosine Kinase Domain Mutations Exhibit Reduced Cbl Association, Poor Ubiquitylation, and Down-regulation but Are Efficiently Internalized.Inhibition of HSP90 in Trypanosoma cruzi Induces a Stress Response but No Stage Differentiation, Role of the Heat Shock Protein 90 in Immune Response Stimulation by Bacterial DNA and Synthetic Oligonucleotides.

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Product #G-1047
CAS #30562-34-6
Chemical Name[(4~{Z},6~{Z},8~{S},9~{S},10~{Z},12~{S},13~{R},14~{S},16~{R})-13-hydroxy-8,14,19-trimethoxy-4,10,12,16-tetramethyl-3,20,22-trioxo-2-azabicyclo[16.3.1]docosa-1(21),4,6,10,18-pentaen-9-yl] carbamate
MW560.6 Da
AppearanceYellow crystalline powder
SolubilityDMSO: Clear yellow solution at 10 mg/ml, CH2Cl2: Clear yellow solution at 5 mg/mL
Melting Point260°C
Storage Temp-20°C
Therapeutic AreaOncological Disorders
UseGeldanamycin Analogue in Treating Patients With Colon Cancer

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MDL NumberMFCD00274570

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HandlingStore in a tightly sealed vial. PROTECT FROM LIGHT!

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Mount, Harley O'Connor, et al. "Global analysis of genetic circuitry and adaptive mechanisms enabling resistance to the azole antifungal drugs." PLoS genetics 14.4 (2018): e1007319.

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