Beta lactamase, Improve bacterial infection test

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Beta lactamase, Improve bacterial infection test

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  • CAS: 9073-60-3
  • Appearance: Freeze dried powder





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Beta-lactamases are enzymes produced by bacteria (Also known as Penicillinase) that provide resistance to β-lactam antibiotics such as penicillins, cephamycins, and carbapenems (ertapenem), although carbapenems are relatively resistant to beta-lactamase. Beta-lactamase provides antibiotic resistance by breaking the antibiotics structure.

These antibiotics all have a common element in their molecular structure: a four-atom ring known as a β-lactam. Through hydrolysis, the lactamase enzyme breaks the β-lactam ring open, deactivating the molecule's antibacterial properties.Beta-lactam antibiotics are typically used to treat a broad spectrum of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria. Beta-lactamases produced by Gram-negative organisms are usually secreted, especially when antibiotics are present in the environment.


1. Testing sterility of blood cultures.

Blood cultures are routinely prepared in order to test for bacterial infection. False negative results might be obtained where the blood sample contains antibiotics. Incorporation of β-Lactamase in the culture medium will overcome this problem when cephalosporins/penicillins are present.

2. Testing for contamination of drugs by antibiotics.

US Code of Federal regulations states that “If a reasonable possibility exists that a non-penicillin drug product has been exposed to cross-contamination with penicillin, the non-penicillin drug product shall be tested for the presence of penicillin” (21 CFR 211.176, Penicillin Contamination, FDA, BY-Lines No. 8 November 1977).

3. Environmental monitoring of antibiotic manufacturing area.

4. Sterility testing of Bulk antibiotics as described by US Pharmcopeia (USP) Chapter 71 and EP Section 2.6.


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SynonymsEC Number: EC
Product #L-1163
CAS #9073-60-3
Chemical Namepenicillin amido-β-lactam hydrolase
AppearanceFreeze dried powder
SolubilitySoluble in Water.
PreparationVialed products are stabled as supplied > 2yrs.
Storage Temp+4°C

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msds 1L-1163, Beta-Lactamase, SDS, diamond format.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 1L-1163, J1172.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 2L-1163, H1198.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 3L-1163, G1057.pdf
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