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Lactate Oxidase

  • CAS: 9028-72-2
  • MW: 80 kDa (gel filtration)
  • Appearance: Yellowish lyophilized powder




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Lactate Oxidase is a flavoenzyme, useful for enzymatic determination of lactic acid. Lactate Oxidase catalyzes the oxidation of L-lactate using molecular oxygen producing pyruvate hydrogen peroxide as end products. Lactate oxidase contributes to the endogenous H2Olevels. Lactate Oxidase has long-lasting application in Biosensors field. 

Enzyme Concentration: 20 units/mg powder. Activity: 20-60 U/mg powder at 37°C. One unit is the amount of enzyme which generates 1 u mole of Hydrogen Peroxide per minute at 37°C, under standard assay conditions.


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SynonymsLAo, lactate oxidative decarboxylase, lactic oxygenase, lactate oxygenase, lactic oxidase, L-lactate monooxygenase, lactate monooxygenase, L-lactate-2-monooxygenase
Product #L-1175
CAS #9028-72-2
MW80 kDa (gel filtration)
AppearanceYellowish lyophilized powder
Storage TempStore desiccated at -20°C

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MDL NumberMFCD00131465

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GHS Pictograms
HandlingStable for 1 year at -20°C

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msds 1L-1175, Lactate Oxidase. SDS, diamond format.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 1L-1175, J1144.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 2L-1175, H1388.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 3L-1175, H1042.pdf
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