Ponasterone A | CAS [13408-56-5]| Molecular Biology Inducer|  Ponasterone A is an insect steroid hormone involved in regulating metamorphosis. Suitable inducer of ecdysone-inducible mammalian expression system. A.G. Scientific offers catalog & bulk sizes.

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Ponasterone A

  • CAS: 13408-56-5
  • Formula: C27H44O6
  • MW: 464.6
  • Appearance: Off White Powder
  • Purity: ≥96.5%





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Ponasterone A is an Insect steroid hormone involved in regulating metamorphosis. It is an analog of ecdysone A and a member of the ecdysteroid family with similar properties to muristerone A. It is a functional, reliable and economical substitute for muristerone A as an inducer for the ecdysone-inducible mammalian expression system.

Ponasterone A is a highly bioactive ligand that has demonstrated sustained release and transgene expression in vivo. Ponasterone A is a potent regulator of gene expression in cells and transgenic animals, enabling reporter genes to be turned on and off rapidly. It inhibits cell growth and increased cell number at the G1 phase. Treatment of cells with the synthetic ecdysone analog ponasterone A, induced expression of GFP-MKK7(3E) and resulted in sustained activation of endogenous JNK, but neither of the other endogenous MAPK's, ERK orp38.


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SynonymsPon A
Product #P-1083
CAS #13408-56-5
Chemical Name25-Deoxyecdysteronell25-Deoxy-20-hydroxyecdysonell2b,3b,14a,20R,22R-Pentahydroxy-5b-cholest-7-en-6-one
AppearanceOff White Powder
SolubilitySoluble in acetic acid, 100% ethanol, methanol or DMSO. Insoluble in water.
Storage TempStore desiccated at -20°C.

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Merck Index14 : 7588

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msds 1P-1083, Ponasterone A, SDS, diamond format.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 1P-1083, J1038B.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 2P-1083, H1239.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 3P-1083, H1058.pdf
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