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RNase A

  • CAS: 9001-99-4
  • Appearance: White lyophilized powder
  • Purity: >95%




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RNase stands for ribonuclease, an RNA digesting enzyme. RNase consists of 124 amino acids in one polypeptide chain with 4 disulphide linkages. Ribonucleases can be divided into endoribonucleases and exoribonucleases. RNases have important roles in RNA degradation and turnover in all organisms. Ribonuclease enzyme can unwind the RNA helix by complexing with single-stranded RNA. RNase A is an endoribonuclease with functions in RNA metabolism and regulation of gene expression. It was found to play roles in diseases such as autoimmune diseases, renal insufficiencies and pancreas disorder. More recently, an antitumor activity was also reported for an RNase A with cytotoxic and cytostatic properties. The members of RNase A superfamily are widely expressed and present in serum and tissues of mammals. The ribonucleolytic activity in the pancreas of ruminants is particularly high, perhaps to digest the large amount of RNA produced by stomach microorganisms. 


Features & Benefits of AG Scientific's RNase A

• Chromatographically purified, salt-free, lyophilized powder
• DNase and protease free
• Cleaves at the 3'-side of the pyrimidine (uracil or cytosine) phosphate bonds
• Degrades RNA to cyclic nucleotide monophosphates to 5'-OH and 2'-,3'-cyclic monophosphate



The enzyme can be used to hydrolyze RNA from protein samples. It is compatible for use in RNase protection assays, to remove unspecifically bound RNA, in the analysis of RNA sequences, to hydrolyze RNA contained in protein samples, and in the purification of DNA.


Additional Information

Synonymsbovine pancreatic ribonuclease A, EC
Product #R-2000
CAS #9001-99-4
AppearanceWhite lyophilized powder
Storage TempStore in tightly sealed vial at -20°C. Once opened, re-desiccate over silica gel under vacuum before returning to -20˚C

Additional Information

MDL NumberMFCD00132181

Additional Information

HandlingOnce opened, re-desiccate over silica gel under vacuum before returning to -20°C

Additional Information

Certificate of Analysis 1R-2000, J1269.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 2R-2000, J1237.pdf
Certificate of Analysis 3R-2000, H1000B.pdf
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